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Awakening Awareness Around Your Success Blocks
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What's Inside the Workbook...

An assessment to determine your hard-wired stress style and energy drains.

Learn the 5 Step Map to SHIFT from Stress to Success and Freedom

A comprehensive step-by-step workbook to awaken awareness around your unique success blocks.

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About Dr. Irene...

Dr. Irene Cop MD, DC is the Founder of the Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T. Institute who shows others how to bounce back from Burnout and breakthrough to the level of success, health, and happiness they deserve through her proprietary 5-Step Map to True Success & Freedom.

Besides her comprehensive background as a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Irene has extensive training in: 

👉 acupuncture
👉 neuroplasticity and neurophysiology
👉 elite performance psychology
👉 successful leadership
👉 stress and resilience coaching. 

She is a neurophysiological meditation instructor and a contributing author for Insight Timer (with over 160,000 listens of her meditations). 

Dr. Irene has helped high-achieving professionals like: 

✅ heads of billion-dollar companies and government
✅ doctors and healthcare organizations
✅ entrepreneurs
✅ top athletes
✅ performers like those from the Metropolitan Opera, CATS company, Porgy & Bess company

...to shift into success mode and level up their success beyond anything they’d achieved prior.
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